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2016 is almost gone. Were it not for the constraints of time, it would be so fired. The good that happened this year was that we got most of the overgrowth in the back yard removed. We got a new roof on the house in March. The bad that happened was that both Joanne and I lost our moms this year. Her's passed in March from complications from Alzheimer's and other ailments that come with being older. My Mom passed from metastasized breast cancer in late June. In February, Mom appeared to be responding to chemo and radiation treatment after surgery. The doctors were optimistic. In May, Mom was having trouble with her balance and no appetite. She was scheduled for a chemo treatment and went in for that. She was admitted because of low blood sugar, and chemo was delayed while they got her stabilized and ran some other tests. They found that the cancer had moved to the brain, and there were tumors pressing on the pituitary and on the balance center in the brain. The radiation oncologist scheduled her for immediate treatment, but didn't hold out a lot of hope. Joanne and I visited with her at the hospital on a Sunday, and neither of us realized when we left that it would be a final goodbye. Mom was gone the following Wednesday.

I celebrated my birthday with a week in Las Vegas. Part vacation, part just plain goofing off. I visited a place called The Gun Garage to fire a handgun I'd seen on YouTube. hickok45 looked to be having way too much fun firing a Coonan Classic .357 magnum. I understand now why. It's a fun handgun to shoot. Looks a lot like a Colt 1911, but the grip is larger to accommodate the .357 magnum cartridge. This isn't a .357 SIG that it fires, but a regular .357 magnum revolver round. Some kick to it, but, very little muzzle rise. Easy to aim and to regain the sight picture after firing. First handgun I've ever fired, but, buying one in California may prove difficult, as Coonan isn't even on the list of manufacturers on the approved handgun list for the state.

The annoyance for the week of Thanksgiving was that our refrigerator died after 15 years. The only thing I'm thankful for at the moment was that Sears was having a sale, had the one we wanted in stock, and delivered on Tuesday.



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